Ongoing Collaborations

Jer continues to examine primals with various researchers, as follows:

  • Dr. Willibald Ruch at the University of Zurich on a German version of the Primals Inventory and the primals of humor.
  • Dr. Martin Seligman at UPenn on optimism, among other topics.
  • David Yaden at UPenn and Alice Chirico at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, Italy on the primals of transcendent experiences.
  • Alicia Clifton at Search for Common Ground, Washington, D.C. on the primals of giving.
  • Joshua Baker at UPenn on various topics, including the primals of politics.
  • Ria Chhabra and Chaereen Pak on the primals of 1st and 2nd generation Indian and Korean immigrants to the United States and the impact of family on primals.
  • Natalie Weil and Rachel Mirkin on the primals of law enforcement.
  • Ida Thomas on the primals of race and low SES in the Bronx.
  • Queenie Lam and Ardita Koka on the primals of success.
  • Christine Moriarty on the primals of millennials.
  • Michelle Garcia on the primals of peakers, flow, mindfulness, and prosociality.

(Please note that this list is unlikely to be up to date.)