Abundant (vs. barren)

This belief concerns the degree to which opportunities and resources abound rather than scarcity. Central metaphors are the Garden of Eden and a barren wasteland.

So rich is the world in wonderful things, great and small!

— Nietzsche, Thus Spake Zarathustra, 1883

Abundant is a very important part of the big-three primal Enticing. Interestingly, seeing the world as a barren place is also related to Safe

Seeing the world as an abundant (or barren) place likely creates an expectation that guides how hard and how often you keep your eye out for opportunities. Those who see the world as a barren place may tend to overlook opportunities, but they may also waste less time trying to find things that are not there or getting succored into some sort of scheme. Likewise, those who see the world as abundant will look for opportunities and find them, but they may often waste time searching for things that are not there or may be more prone to getting scammed.

In addition to playing an important role in everyday life, we expect that Abundant played a central role in evolutionary history as our homo sapiens ancestors moved into very different habitats from the one they evolved to live in.

Much more research remains to be done.