Pleasurable (vs. miserable)

This belief assesses the typical hedonic value of most things and situations. On the one hand, the world is soft, pleasant, pleasurable, easy, and warm. On the other hand, most things sting, poke, or aggravate in some way, and most situations are uncomfortable and hard, even miserable.

Life is suffering. 

Dukkha, The 1st Noble Truth of Buddhism

Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something. 

— Westley, The Princess Bride, 1987

Perhaps surprisingly, this primal is much more central to Safe than to Enticing, though it relates to both, suggesting that Enticing is more about “higher level” pleasures like beauty and meaning. Pleasurable is also the primal that most defines what it means to see the world as a Good place, more than Just, Beautiful, or any other idea.

It’s worth noting that there seems to be very little connection between Pleasurable and actually living a comfortable, high-income lifestyle while there is a large connection between seeing the world as pleasurable and psychological well-being. However, much more research is needed.