Primal world beliefs, or “primals” for short, are extremely basic beliefs about the world as a whole, such as the beliefs the world is dangerous and the world is beautiful

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It’s easy to see how your beliefs about a place affect what you do and think while in that place. For example, if you see a place as dangerous, you’re more alert, look around more, and may keep a hand on your bag. But what if you see the whole world as dangerous? And that’s just one belief about the world. What if you have lots? If so, then much about each person’s personality and wellbeing may result from beliefs you don’t even know you have.

Much of what we become in life—much joy and suffering—may depend on the sort of world we think this is.

— Conclusion of the 2019 foundational primals research article

In 2013, Dr. Jer Clifton called these beliefs primal world beliefs (or primals for short), put together an initial advisory team of many of the top thinkers, and began scientifically discovering and measuring primals with the help of 70 researchers around the world. Five years later, in 2019, they published their groundbreaking results in a prominent scientific journal and set up this website, providing the first opportunity for the public to discover their own primal world beliefs.