For everyone:

Please share your insights with us, even if they seem obvious! Like you, we have our own primals, and, probably also like you, we need lots of help seeing the world from other perspectives.

For those seeking to monetize the Primals Inventory:

Don’t do it. You’ll get in trouble. The Primals Inventory is “© 2018 by Jeremy D. W. Clifton. All rights reserved.” and Jer has decided to make the Primals Inventory available to everyone for free indefinitely.

For researchers:

  • Interested in using our scale for research purposes: No need for our permission. See this PDF for all versions of the Primals Inventory (PI-99, PI-18, and PI-6), survey administration, and scoring instructions. There is more information on pages 272-281 of Clifton and colleagues’ (2019) supplemental document. We hope you contact us too. We would love to hear what you are exploring. Perhaps we can help in some way (e.g., possible funding at some point, potential collaborators, etc.).
  • Looking to collaborate: We are currently interested in collaborations. Please reach out.
  • Interested in translating the Primals Inventory: We have recently created this Primals Inventory Translation Guide for those interested in translating the Primals Inventory. It is a working document that we expect to update as more translators continue their work and add to it. As of now, we are aware of ongoing efforts to translate the Primals Inventory into German, Italian, Turkish, and Spanish.

For speaker invitations:

The primals research team is a varied bunch; likely, most speaking opportunities will interest one of us. However, Jer is currently interested in academic speaking engagements only. Please inquire.