Take the Survey

Researchers have created three scientifically-validated surveys to measure primal world beliefs.

Pick one based on how much time you’ve got. They’re all free. They all come with detailed reports that explain your results and how you compare to thousands of Americans (international data not yet available).

The 99-question survey (recommended)

This version takes about 15 minutes and measures all 26 primal world beliefs. It’s worth it—best for those seeking to deeply reflect on their worldview.

The 18-question survey

This version takes about 6 minutes. Of the 26 primals, it measures the four most important—often best for those new to primal world beliefs.

The 6-question survey

This version takes about 3 minutes and measures the one overarching primal world belief—best if you’re in a rush.

Enjoy the journey of personal discovery!

For the past four years, four times as many people have taken the 99-question version as did the year before. Many report that learning the primals of close loved ones most fascinating.