Harmless (vs. threatening)

This belief asserts that most things and situations are safe and benign. Its opposite holds the world is dangerous and scary, with threats lurking all around. (Though initially called “safe,” this primal was renamed to avoid confusion after factor analysis identified the big-three primal we call Safe.)

You can call me lazy, crazy / Call me stupid I don’t care / I ain’t getting up / It’s dangerous out there.

— Lyrics from Bill Morrissey’s 2009 folk song It’s Dangerous Out There

Harmless is core to the big-three primal Safe. It’s worth noting, however, that Progressing, Regenerative, and especially Pleasurable are actually more central to Safe than Harmless. This indicates that Safe is a multi-faceted construct describing a richer picture of the world as comfortable, getting better, and non-threatening while Harmless is likely specific to immediate physical threats. However, more research remains to be done.