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The following articles and podcasts present a range of interpretations of primals research – not necessarily the views of Dr. Clifton or the Primals Project.

Hidden BrainHow Your Beliefs Shape Reality. Podcast hosted by Shankar Vedantam. March 6, 2023.

Scientific AmericanMany Differences between Liberals and Conservatives May Boil Down to One Belief. By Jer Clifton. March 1, 2023.

Psychology TodayDoes Religion Help You See the World as Good? By Jer Clifton. February, 2023.

Authority MagazineHappiness and Joy During Turbulent Times: Dr. Jeremy “Jer” Clifton Of the University of Pennsylvania On How To Live With Joie De Vivre, Even When It Feels Like The Whole World Is Pulling You Down. By Jake Frankel. December, 2022.

Penn TodayWhere Political Views and Fundamental Beliefs Intersect. By Michele Berger. October, 2022.

Forbes How Primal Beliefs Shape Employee Engagement: New Study Reveals How Purpose Impacts Performance. By Chris Westfall. October, 2022.

Psychology TodayWe Thought Conservatives Saw the World as More Dangerous, We Were Wrong. By Jer Clifton. October, 2022.

Live Free CreativeHappy Class Week 4: Worldviews. Podcast episode hosted by Miranda Anderson. October, 2022.

The AtlanticDon’t Teach Your Kids to Fear the World. By Arthur C. Brooks. September, 2022.

Penn TodayWhat beliefs shape our minds? By Marilyn Perkins. September, 2022.

Psychology TodayDo You Want to Change Your Personality? By Barbara Greenberg. July, 2022.

Forbes You Can Trace Your Character Strengths Back To Your Worldview, Shows New Psychological Research. By Mark Travers. June 2022.

Therapytips.orgThe Way You View The World Might Just Be Your Superpower. By Mark Travers. June 2022.

Forbes New Psychological Research Calls Out A Potentially Harmful Parenting Technique. By Mark Travers. June 2022.

Therapytips.orgAre You Living In The Self-Made Prison Of Your Primal World Beliefs? By Mark Travers. June 2022.

Psychology TodayWhat Are Your 3 Deepest Beliefs About the World? By Jeremy Clifton. March, 2022.

Inc.Want to Raise Happy, Healthy, Entrepreneurial Kids? Don’t Teach Them the World Is a Bad Place. By Joshua Haden. February, 2022.

Psychology TodayShould We Teach Kids That the World Is Dangerous? By Jeremy Clifton. February, 2022.

Psychology TodayWhat Are Your Primals? By Nick Morgan. July, 2021.

The Evolved CavemanPrimal World Beliefs: The Foundation Of Your Reality? Podcast episode hosted by John Schinnerer. May, 2021.

Savannah Morning NewsFearing for those who live in fear. By Robert Pawlicki. October, 2019.

The Washington Post Is the world an exciting or a terrifying place? Your answer can powerfully shape your life and your political views, new research says. By Emily Esfahani Smith. October, 2019.

Making Psychology WorkHow do you see the world? Podcast with Jeremy Clifton. Podcast episode hosted by Michelle McQuaid. 2019.