Needs Me

Needs Me (vs. doesn’t need me)

Needs Me is about if the world needs you, specifically you, for an important task or to play some particular role. Its opposite holds that the world lacks any particular need for you though the world may still have needs.

I would rather stay in bed and do nothing, but the world needs me. 

— Twitter post, 2012

Needs Me is an important part of the big-three primal AliveNeeds Me appears to be very related to wellbeing as well as to meaning and purpose in life. It is also related to being a gritty person who demonstrates perseverance and passion for long-term goals. It seems quite possible that believing that the world Needs You would increase grit. As your grit, in turn, increases your skills and competence, the world would need you more. This would, in turn, increase your belief that the world needs you—a causal loop. 

However, much more research is needed.