Dr. Crystal Park

Dr. Crystal Park is the 3rd author on the 2019 foundational primals paper. In addition to being a measurement expert and studying the effects of yoga, her research focuses on how certain basic beliefs influence an individual’s ability to cope with traumatic life events. She is associate editor of four journals, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, former president of Division 36 of the APA (Psychology of Religion), and a recipient of their Early Career Award and William James Award.

“I am quite familiar with the literature on those psychological constructs most similar to primals, and can therefore say without reservation that focusing on primals provides an opportunity to explore a fundamental element of human experience that has heretofore been minimally examined. It may be that it is so obvious that psychologists simply overlooked it… This is one of those projects that has great potential for identifying an important piece for what it means to be human.” – Dr. Crystal Park, 2014