If you’ve taken the Primals Inventory and got your scores, this is where to start learning more about them. If not, STOP, go take the survey, and come back.

The 26 Primal World Beliefs

Most people—and probably you, too—hold the following distinct beliefs about the world as a whole, called primals: 


The ‘primary primal’ is the belief that the world is Good. This overarching belief is informed by the secondary primals, Safe, Enticing, and Alive. The seven tertiary primals that feed into the belief that the world is safe are Pleasurable, Regenerative, Progressing, Harmless, Cooperative, Stable and Just. Another seven tertiary primals – InterestingBeautiful, Abundant, Worth Exploring, Meaningful, Improvable and Funny – feed into the belief that the world is enticing. The belief that the world is alive is informed by the tertiary primals Intentional, Needs Me and Interactive. Finally, there are a few tertiary primals that don’t relate to the others: the beliefs that the world is Acceptable, Changing, Hierarchical, Interconnected and Understandable.

You can learn more about each primal using the links above or the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or read about how primals were identified and why they matter. As you explore this concept, feel free to contact us to share your thoughts and ideas.